Types of services -

Concept & Product Development
With access to thousands of targeted respondents, you can ask people for feedback regarding  Idea conception, Prioritizing features, Compare reactions to designs, Product name/Logo interpretation, Pricing studies, Promotional messages.

Understand Market Trends
Understanding customer demand, demographic segments, markets size, knowing consumer demands & insights from shoppers is crucial to launch a product or advertising campaign in the market.

Brand Tracking
From tracking your brand’s aided and unaided awareness to understanding brand perception; from measuring impact of current campaign’s/brands buzz to asking about purchase intent or history; you can now track your brand in a simpler way within minutes of taking it online.

Marketing Design
From picking the most effective headline and using star-rating questions to learn which promotion is most compelling, you can understand how perception varies across demographics and can challenge & come up with most compelling marketing/promotional messages.

Campaign Measurement
You might have created the best marketing campaign! but a saying by Peter drucker goes, if you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it!! So, measuring campaign awareness, getting visibility into regional and demographic penetration & to understand campaign reception and reaction is important inorder to manage it.

Nano Surveys
Make ad-hoc business decisions, gauge reactions to a current event or press release & get quick answers to tactical business questions, with short/nano surveys you can quickly get answers from your target group whenever you want to or when your team is having an internal debate between two seemingly subjective answers to comeup with a business decision!

Customer satisfaction
Track in-store and online experience, do competitive analysis and benchmark studies, you can determine your customers' likelihood to recommend you brand to their family & friends.

Ad connect (Advertisement pre-testing & post testing)
You can pre-test the TV, radio or print ads on a sample representative of your target audience and check their likely reactions. A post-test can also be done to check the awareness, liking and the brand connect with the target group.

Express Surveys
Express service by GetCounted, if you need to do a quick survey and want results within hours! Small 1 page questionnaire, results delivered within hours of commissioning!

The first user-response based study tracking the 'user friendliness' of popular websites at the category level on a quarterly basis. Rating and ranking of websites using 19 distinct parameters that measures both the 'user friendliness' and 'satisfactory usage experience' of a website. Measures the 'accessibility', 'appeal', 'navigability' and 'usage satisfaction' index of the website vis-a-vis the key competitive websites in the category. Eventually measures the overall 'website user friendliness' (WUF) Index of the website benchmarked against the key competitive websites in the category.

Custom Assignments
You can let us know your research requirements and the highly experienced team with our partners Juxt will take care of the research design and survey programming and GetCounted will take care of getting the required number of respondents. Juxt can also take care of the analysis part if required. Contact our sales team for more details!

Our Service Partners

End to end Service Partners

  • JuxtConsult

    Starting in year 2005, Juxt has progressed rapidly to become a leading force in both ‘syndicated research’ and ‘online research’ space in India. Besides pioneering highly robust large scale syndicated studies, Juxt is the only research company in India offering the complete 360° market research solutions online. You can just provide your research requirements Juxt will take care of the research design, survey programming and getting the required number of respondents. Juxt will also take care of the analysis and reporting.
    Website: www.juxtconsult.com
    Scripting Partners

  • JuxtConsult

    If you have the questionnaire to be administered online ready, Juxt can take care of the programming and hosting of the questionnaire and also the sample collection with GetCounted.
    Website: www.juxtconsult.com
  • Eki Communications

    Eki Communications provides a complete suite of cloud based Enterprise Mobile Solutions for managing field transactions. If you have a questionnaire ready for the mobile platform (smart phone and tablets), Eki Communications can program, host and administer the mobile questionnaire with multilingual support and provide you with realtime results in CSV or XL format.
    Website: www.ekiglobal.com
  • Voxapp

    Voxapp is a mobile sampling company with a SaaS technology platform for mobile survey creation, administration, deployment and data collection in mobile first markets. Voxapp gives a targeted panel with instant results and live analytics.
    Website: www.voxapp.com
Analytics Partners

  • Smart Mandate

    Smart Mandate are a global professional services firm that helps entities leverage information to make data-supported decisions through cutting edge research, analytics and technology, keeping the customers at the forefront. They specialize in higher order statistics based data analytics and modeling.
    Website: www.smartmandate.in
    Design partners

  • Two55 am

    Our design partners Two55 am can take care of all your graphic design needs (icon design, survey elements design, image editing and processing etc) for building your surveys.
    Website: www.two55am.com